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"She Did It Her Way"

You know her...or you wanted to. Livi was "that girl".

She walked into a room and the light came on. Her glow put the sun to shame. She was a ray of sunshine. She was the girl who’d say, “Come on, let’s go for a drive or grab a cup of tea” or remind you that thing’s weren’t that bad. She was the first one to pick you up and she’d be the first one to set you straight. She was a champion of the underdog, she was good to people, funny, loyal and more than anything - Livi was kind.

She was a champion on and off the soccer field. At the age of 7, she fell in love with soccer. Her goal was to play for Seminole High School. Not only did she play Varsity all four years, she broke the Lady Warhawks all time scoring record. As humble as she was, you would never know she was sought after by colleges all over the country. By that time, her heart and focus was on seeing the world. When the wanderlust hit her, Livi got to experience Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean, China and her favorite - Thailand where she undoubtedly left her mark; including bathing elephants, riding mopeds through the mountains and even an altercation with monkeys. Livi traveled the world but found the love of her life Cody Gill in her hometown of Johnstown, PA. They started their life together, made a home, dreamed new dreams, and completed it with their puppy Jackson.

The love she had for her family was immeasurable. She never missed the annual camping trouble with her sisters and nephews. They taught her how to fish, hunt, ride quads and basically to love and enjoy the Pennsylvania Highlands. She was just as comfortable in heels and lipstick as she was "catfishing” with her sister Stephanie.

“To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever” - Dumbledore

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